Shopping for used vehicles can be frustrating... fortunately I found Texas Motorcars when researching the vehicle. I had several to choose from between Texas Motorcars and two others- one a dealership and the other a used car superlot. The price was good with Texas Motorcars and I worked with them over the phone quite a bit as I am busy running a business. Their service sold me before I ever met them. The finance agent was helpful with options about warranties and such. In addition, the CarFax vehicle report was provided free of charge as well. They were gracious when I went in close to closing time to see the vehicle in person and were just as gracious when it was time to pick it up and it was close to their closing time. They had the paperwork ready to sign and had me on my way in less than a half hour.

Rene was my salesman- he's very pleasant and helpful. I would recommend Texas Motorcars to anyone seeking a quality pre-owned vehicle. We operate a family-owned business and I like making my personal purchase from another family-owned company.

They have a great diversity of vehicles- from pick ups like my own up to a Bentley. The facility itself is a showplace and the fun automotive memorabilia adds to the experience. Cory S. - Dallas, TX - 12/2/2014



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