Addison's Best Extended Warranty Coverage

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Buying a high-quality used car is a huge investment, and auto repairs can get expensive quickly. Even a brand new car can have an unexpected breakdown, so it's always smart to buy extended warranty coverage - especially on used cars.

Did you know the average cost of repairing an engine is $4,823? If you happen to have transmission problems, the average repair cost is around $2600. Even small repairs can be pricey - a simple window motor replacement runs nearly $300 on average.

Texas Motorcars offers a variety of extended used car warranty options with various levels of coverage. We carry multiple policies so that we can give you the option to select the coverage that best fits your personal situation.

When you're ready to protect your car or truck with one of our extended warranty options, call us at 972-588-4878. Our friendly sales people will be happy to discuss each plan in detail so you can pick the right one for you.